Salesforce has become one of the leading providers for CRM and is being utilized by a wide range of industries for lead and customer management, as well as member management for associations and non-profits.

For several years, i2Integration has provided SalesForce development, migration and integration services for various industries across the U.S.

Example Salesforce projects have include: Integration to DNN, Integrating core Salesforce components (i.e. Web-To-Lead, Web-To-Case), Import of survey data from Survey Monkey, Synchronize data from internal company database.

Salesforce Data Migration Support

For those who wish to implement Salesforce as your future CRM, getting your existing client/member data from your existing internal database over to Salesforce can seem like a daunting task. In many cases, the existing data is inconsistent and cluttered, making migration over to a new, “clean” system a challenge. i2Integration works with our clients in designing and implementing data migration from your existing database, over to Salesforce, including analysis and “cleaning” of bad or redundant data.

SharePoint Integration Support

Your CRM data is critical. It is also critical that your Salesforce integrates with other systems. i2Integration has a great deal of experience in integrating Salesforce with CMS systems, as well as various third-party applications. This includes both “pulling” and “pushing” data to and from SalesForce.

Customization and Development

For many of our clients, customization to fit their specific needs are required. i2Integration has experience in creating custom Objects and Tabs with Salesforce for applications such as management of subscription sales, donor data tracking, document download tracking and more.